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      My Story starts when I gave up on a dream and so many years later I realized that it would have been simpler to have worked hard for my dreams rather than the path I took. No matter how hard it would have been to accomplish my dreams it would have been much less of an effort than to do what I did because for many years now I have had to fight to be healthy and what a fight it has been but the other thing is, I never would have learnt what I have about health if these things hadn't happened to me.
      From not only having to find health products that work but to also fight an establishment that is designed to hamper and stop people from being healthy as that doesn't make money. Only sick people make the medical profession and the big drug companies money, so therefore, why would they want anyone to be healthy. They make laws to ensure that people don't become healthy with the threat of imprisonment, if you try to help anyone to be so. For more on this see "Why the Medical Profession" on the Menu above. Now, on to My Story!


      My Story has led me to this. I originally just built, the FQ program, for myself but then I was amazed at what it was doing for me. It would be very wise for you to look at it

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My Challenge

      I have taken on a challenge, a big challenge, one of my own creation. I have gone to various Rife Forums and there seems to be many Nay Sayers that don't believe my program works to help people be healthier. Now to set the record straight my program is merely a Frequency Generation Software Program. That is all the program actually does. It is nothing more.

      What those frequencies do to the human body, once it is hooked up to a human body through Footpads, Handholds, wrist straps or any other medium that can do the job, might be a whole other story. But it is a story best told by the individual that has used the program and got results.

      So the challenge I have taken on is to use my program to alleviate my symptoms, and I have many, from my body. It has been a long, long road for me and this may take yet months to complete, so please wish me well and view my log that I will update regularly. My Challenge Log - Please Visit

      I would also like to make a special note here of a video that got me inspired to do this by a Dr. Tent. Be aware that this is an explosive video and is not for the faint of heart Click Here

      Here is a link to a very important video. Be aware that it may be disturbing to you: War on Health

      Once you have listened to this you might want to read the book Inferno by famous author Dan Brown, the author of the Da Vinci Code. I'll let you draw your own conclusions.

My Story

      Special Note: I want everyone to know here that in My Story I talk about what has happened to me in regards to my condition but everything I have done to make myself healthier may also make you healthier no matter what symptom you have. I talk of not just symptoms but causes and there are many symptoms but only a few causes. The reason people get different symptoms is because everyone is different and so the same or similar cause can trigger many different symptoms so please don't assume that this is just about Skin Conditions, it is about every condition from Cancer to Alzheimer's and more.

      It all started when I gave up on my dream of doing music for a profession. Instead I got into a job where I worked in Chemicals. Now I say that it started here but it may have started earlier at a point where something happened that could have been the cause for me making the decision to quit on my dreams. Remember this point as I will be mentioning it later on.

      The job I undertook was in the Industrial Radiography Field where I would develop, process, radiographic film (Film that had been exposed to radiation in order to look for weld and metal defects). The first symptom I got was my hair falling out in bunches. So I went to the Medical doctors just like we have all be indoctrinated to think. The Medical Profession, the authority on health. My doctor sent me to a specialist and waited in his waiting room until he finally arrived. He was a man of about sixty years of age with a head of hair that looked like he hadn't lost even one hair on his head in his whole life. His solution to me was, and I quote; "There's worse things in life than losing one's hair." Like he should know what it's like to have your hair fall out in bunches at the age of twenty three. Oh yeah, I'm sure he didn't forget to charge for his time alright.

      This devastated me so I started asking around as I have never been a person to stop at one road block in life. My mother was talking to a friend of the family, Mabel Glaser, and she suggested that I try Vitamin A. So I did and low and behold within 3 weeks my hair stopped falling out and within 3 months it started to somewhat grow back. Hmmm, a vitamin, not a drug, helped the situation. That was very interesting indeed and as you can see from the pictures below, I still have some hair.

      Now, the next symptom happened a while later and I should mention here that my dad worked in the same profession and he used to come home with swollen muscle tissue and sometimes it got pretty bad. The doctors couldn't find anything wrong with him and heaven forbid that they didn't attribute it to the chemicals he worked in. You know, I think the people who put television shows together know more about how to look for the cause of something than the medical profession does. If they had made a TV show of this they probably would have looked at the chemicals but no not the medical profession. That couldn't be the solution. I can't imagine how much money was earned from my dad's misfortune with all the times he went to see the doctors. And yeah, that was my next symptom!

      So..., same thing with me the doctors couldn't find anything wrong with me. I remember this one time where they did a series of 250 allergy tests and I wasn't allergic to any of them. I guess the chemicals I worked in weren't included in the test. Now there is one thing to note here; How come I didn't think of it? Well it's because we are so indoctrinated into the idea that we don't know anything about our health only the doctors know! What a fallacy!!! Is all we have to do is learn and not from the medical profession as they deal in too much false data.

      The pain from these swollen muscle tissues got so bad that at one time I was really wondering of I was going to have to be in a wheel chair but before this the doctors gave me a Drug called Indocid. They prescribed one a day (Long before one-a-day vitamins came about) but here is where I made a mistake; the pain was so excruciating that I had to take three a day to handle the majority of it and as the doctors said "There is no cure." then I felt it was an only hope. Have you ever been to a doctor where he or she stated "There is no cure."? Well I am here to tell you different.

      If there was ever a time in your life where you didn't have the symptom, that you now have, then there is a cure. Here's why, something must have happened between then and now to cause you to have the symptom you have and you merely need to find out what that is in order to start handling it.

      Let's say you have cancer, well, what's happened between the time when you never had cancer till you first got it. There are generally three things that cause cancer, the first being the emotional upset you had prior to getting cancer and then you were susceptible to the things that Hulda Clark tells you about in her "Cure for all Cancers" (See the Menu above for more on this). So ask yourself these two questions; "When did I first get Cancer?". You might not think that you know, as that is what society has taught us to believe but believe me when I tell you that you are the only one who does know. Next Question is; "What happened prior to that to cause you to get Cancer?" You will feel better once discovering this and then you can start a road to recovery. See Cleansing and Rebuilding under Products on the Menu above. Now for the rest of My Story.

      So there I was with all this pain but even through all the pain and the euphoria the drugs were causing me I was able to plan a way out even though I didn't know it at the time.

      As I felt I was going to be in a wheel chair I planned to go on a motorcycle trip to the states as I felt I soon might not be able to. It was painful getting on my motorcycle, by-the-way I love motorcycling, but once on it wasn't too bad. My brother and I planned a trip to Nevada, over to the coast and then back up to Vancouver in time to go to a Friends Wedding.

      So we headed out in September, my brother on his Yamaha 400 Special and me on my XS1100 Special, Yamaha. The first night we slept in a ditch in Northern Montana. We hit very pleasant weather, to me anyway, as it was HOT and I loved it. Over the Logan's pass and on in to Kalispell where we stopped at our Favorite Bar with Sawdust on the floor and Salted Peanuts in the Shell and, if you didn't know how to work it, a Bathroom Door that would never open as you were pushing on the wrong side. Hilarious once you discovered what you were doing wrong but a little annoying after a couple of ice cold beers in frozen mugs, thinking someone was in there with the door locked.

      As we had drank a couple of beers and in the heat, it had hit us quit well, we decided to snooze for a bit under a shady tree. Beer and motorcycles don't mix. That was our second day and I had started feeling a bit better and did not have to take as much meds to handle the pain and by the third day I was down to one pill per day. As we drove into Nevada it was scorching hot, and I loved it. A few more days of the hot weather and I was down to one pill every two days. I wondered what was happening and I at that time attributed it to the hot weather never contemplating that it might also have to do with the fact that I was away from the chemicals. A person doesn't want to face the fact that his livelihood was causing him all his pain because a person has to have a livelihood.

      Upon arriving home, after 4500 miles at 55 mpg because my brother set the pace, I was feeling pretty good but then, of course, I had to go back to work. I worked until spring and was back up to three pills a day most days. Then to make matters worse I threw my back out. I ended up going to see a chiropractor in my home town and I told him of my troubles. He suggested I try a Detoxification Program. It sounded interesting so I went and talked to the people about it and they explained how you would take Vitamins, especially a Vitamin (B3) called Niacin and then sweat it out in a sauna to expel toxins in order to gain a higher awareness level as it was not meant to cure any ills although if that happened, well, so be it.

      I started on the program in the later part of August the year following our motorcycle trip. It was a bit gruelling but in ten days all my pain was gone and as they had given me an IQ test prior to the program when they gave me an IQ test after my IQ had risen 21 points, which was quit amazing as I had been taught that raising IQ was impossible. The program was called the Purification Rundown.

      As I felt I had to make a living, there I went back into the Chemicals, for two more years until I knew I had to get out of it. So I sold my share of the company and moved to Vancouver where I invented my Boardgame "Commodity". Something that I had wanted to do all my life. I thought it was going to take me a long time but it took me only three weeks to develop the first prototype. I didn't know at the time that the hard part was going to be trying to manufacture and market it.

      At the time I did the Purification Rundown the Side Effect of the drug was just starting on my scalp. I never new, at the time, that there was such a thing as a Side Effect. I was not told that there might be a side effect and I never knew until six years after I quit taking the drug that there was a side effect and what that side effect was. A friend showed me in a book about side effects. The side effects where Ringing Ears and Skin Rash and did I ever have them both. It is somewhat better now but below are some pictures of how I looked in 1998. Beware, it is somewhat graphic in nature.

      In 1998 I went to a health show and discovered something that shocked me a little and totally changed a viewpoint I had, had up to that point. I came across an Iridologist, one who observes one's eyes to determine health issues, and she told me that I still had the drug I had taken (Indocid) all down my left side. Up to that point I had thought that the drug had done it's damage and was gone but not so as it was still in my body and still causing me problems. This got me believing, along with prior data I had discovered that the body will heal itself if given the proper nutrition, that if I could rid my body of this drug that I might get rid of my plague. She told me I should do an oral chelation. So I hunted one down and started on it. (See Products on the above menu under Cleansing and Rebuilding) From doing the Purification rundown I had learnt a lot about cleansing and how to spot things coming out of one's body as that is what will happen on any good cleanse.

Special Note: The reason I had believed that the Indocid had done it's damage and disappeared from my body is because of false data perpetrated by the Medical Profession. This is their belief that things don't remain in the body. I really beg to differ with that and I have had the experiences.

      Here's the thing though, in doing the Oral Chelation (See Products/Cleansing and Rebuilding), and by making a mistake of Sun Tanning at the same time, toxins came out of my body so fast that I laid on the couch for four days not being able to move and when I finally came out of the fog I realized that the reason I just wanted to lay there and not move was that another drug, an anaesthetic, was coming out of my system and it was making me sleep. I had, had an ingrown toenail, when I was younger, and the Doctors put me under and I am sure they gave me way too much anaesthetic as I was out from early morning to late in the evening. Ever since that time whenever I was bored I just wanted to go to sleep. I could sleep anywhere and after the anaesthetic finally came out of my system not only didn't I want to sleep but I also wasn't bored.

      There was another thing that would happen to me, because of the anaesthetic, and that was, in the morning, when I was waking up, in that moment before you are fully awake, I was paralyzed. I couldn't move. My body would be so heavy. I couldn't move my arms or legs until I became fully awake. It was somewhat scary and I often thought if there was a fire I wouldn't be able to move. I am glad to say that no longer happens.

      In Hulda Clark's book "The Cure for all Diseases" she states that she has no solution for, what the Medical Doctors call, Psoriasis, but the information she does have in her book has helped me greatly in my quest to understand this side effect. I had read Hulda Clark's book and I was sceptical at first but what happened to me in 2001 made me a firm believer in what she talks about. I had tried some of her cleansing by getting some raw herbs to cleanse with and they did a little but I had no great relief. Then in 2001 I ran into this guy at a Flea Market, where I had some of my pictures on display. He stated that they looked similar to what happened to him on a Cleansing program that he did. I was interested.

      I purchased the Cleansing and Rebuilding Starter Pack from him and I started on a cleansing and rebuilding. I couldn't believe what happened. I got out hundreds of Parasites that looked like white lima beans and other's that looked like dried concord grapes. It was weird to say the least but when the last Parasite expelled from my body my whole life changed. I had energy like you wouldn't believe. It was later when I was studying about Rife Frequencies that I determined it must have been the negative frequency that the parasites were exerting on me that had hampered so much of my life. On doing this cleanse I realized how important it was to get good quality products that work for what they were intended. See Products on the Menu Above.

      I have come to the conclusion from this that anyone not excelling in life, must have Parasites, or at the very least, a glogged colon.

parasite ( pr"-st") n. 1. Biology An organism that grows, feeds, and is sheltered on or in a different organism while contributing nothing to the survival of its host. This would include all Viruses, Bacteria etc. that fit this description.

Auto-Immune Diseases

      More of My Story soon.