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      With so much Propaganda from the Drug Companies, Medical Profession, Psychiactric Profession and Government, it is so hard to convince people they are being Fooled. I hope you are here for a little bit of truth and at least open your mind to the possibility that they, the above mentioned, have all been lieing to you and if this writing were to get just one person over to the natural health side of things then I will have done something. If I can get more than one person over to the natural health side of things then it will be a good day, a very good day. The Drug Industry is big business, that's it and when big business get's into the business of health well..., it's not good, as there is too much money in keeping people sick.

      Why the Medical Profession?

Have You Been Fooled?

      Every year people die because they go to the medical profession and are told "There is NO Cure but these treatments we have will help" and so they get drugged and there ability to think and reason goes down. So then they are easily led around by the nose, so to speak, and become docile and easy to manipulate into taking more medication until they eventually pass away and the medical profession is very pleased that it has done it's job and made millions of dollars doing it. Wait a minute, what did they do? They helped someone to die and made a lot of money doing it. Sounds like the biggest Scam ever designed and not only do they make money doing this but they also get people convinced to donate to find a cure. Well isn't that something because it's illegal to tell anyone that there is a cure so that means if they did find one they couldn't tell anyone anyway. Oh..., maybe they already have a cure but just can't tell us. What do you think? Nah, they're making too much money by not finding a cure and the truth is you'd have to determine the cause in order to find a cure as you would have to get rid of what is causing the disease in the first place. Handling the symptom never works.

      So why do so many people not see this? There is a handling for most any disease already in the natural health community. Why are so many people so scared to try it? They have been so ingrained by the propaganda fed them by the Medical Establishment, as well as being drugged by them (Drug: Something that tells the mind it doesn't have a problem like pain for instance by lowering one's awareness to what is really going on.), that they can't make proper decisions regarding their own well being. It goes like this; There is no cure but let us help to ease your pain, here's a drug you can take, that is all legal, and you will feel better. Of course what they don't tell you is that you are going to die and they are going to get all your money to assist you in dying because they can ease your pain and not only that but at your funeral you're going to ask people to donate to their foundations. Wow!, what a scam.

      It sort of reminds me of the movie Zombies because that is what people have become, drugged zombies! What these sadists, (Chemo therapy is sadism) don't realize is that one day they too are going to have that terrible disease and they will be drugging themselves as they believe their own lies. Amazing I must say. Unfortunately the people who really need to see this page won't because the "There is no cure!" tells them there is no sense looking and therefore, here's a drug for you. Have you ever heard of the Tape or Lecture entitled "Dead Doctors Don't Lie". It is really worth listening to. Click Here Further Here

      Why do people trust the medical profession so much when they are inadvertently (Advertent: paying attention, heedful. Inadvertent: the opposite of advertent.) killing people everyday. (Read on and I'll explain.) They don't cure people. If anyone comes through one of their sadistic practises, like Chemo Therapy, it is only by shear luck and the bodies ability to handle itself or the person's own will to conquer what they have. The Medical Profession does not have any cures. Just ask them. They will never tell you they have a cure. So why are people so scared to break away from them and go it on their own and learn about what it takes to be healthy. What fears have they put into the populace with their propaganda that makes people go to them.

      To me, the Medical Profession are just mainly drug pushers. Even though they do save lives as in the Emergency Room where people come in from accidents etc. and get patched up but they need to stay out of Disease Control where they really don't know what they are doing. The Medical Profession never will tell you the cause of any major disease and yet in the health community it is almost common knowledge the only problem is having the quality products to handle it and with the FDA (In Canada, Food Inspection Agency under Health Canada) policing anything that does work (See an example below) it is hard to bring it to the people and it is illegal to promote anything as a cure except for Vitamin C being the cure for scurvy. Vitamin C is actually the only thing that anyone can say is a cure, maybe penicillin, which is a fallacy. Penicillin kills bacteria, unfortunately it kills good bacteria as well as bad and therefore lowers your immune system, sometimes to critical levels. You could take certain Herbs to handle the bad bacteria and not harm the good but you would have to research that.

       The proper definition of a drug; something that tells your mind you don't have a symptom. In other words you still have the symptom, you just aren't aware of it and that's what makes it so hard for people to get out from under it like Michael Jackson. Your awareness (IQ) is lowered so that you are easier to control and so it continues. The Cold still takes 7 to 10 days for the body to overcome it you just don't feel it as bad as you would without the medication but don't kid yourself, you are giving up a little bit of your soul each time you take a drug. So drugs are said to relieve your pain but if you know proper things you will never need the medication as you will get rid of the cold very easily without being drugged. (See Here)

      The inadvertent killing of people is as follows; people go to the medical profession for help and the Medical Profession have such a speal that people won't even listen to a natural health alternative and then the person dies. You might wonder why I am so vehement about this, well, more than one member of my family has died because of this and I am tired of going to needless funerals and tired of trying to save the lives of people I love as the Medical Profession has such a hold over them that they won't listen to anything I try to tell them. The truth is they would rather die than be Wrong I believe they get people scared to even look at or try a healthy alternative.

      Take notice of something; go to a hospital or a Medical Doctors office and watch the people that walk out of those places. Are they truly happy? Have they been cured? Then go to a health food store or a Naturopathic's Office or a Homeopathy Practitioner or a Live Blood Analysis person or a Iridologist and see the people who walk out of there. You will notice they are a lot more healthy and happy. What does that tell you?

      The problems with natural health is it costs money and sometimes a lot to find the products that work for you and will they work for others, that is the question? I myself, having spent thousands of dollars have found a few and I keep on finding more. The first step to getting healthy is a good cleanse See Here You can't go wrong with a good cleanse and this is the best.

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