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Parasites Cleanse Instructions

       To get proper results from these products you must follow these instructions.

1. Experience You can start this 3 or 4 days before the Clear. Take it an hour or so before bedtime. Taking either one capsule with two glasses of water or two capsules with one glass of water you get the same results so I take as much water as possible. Start with one capsule regardless of how you do it and then you can increase to two capsules if required.

2. Clear Take in the morning as SOON AS YOU OPEN YOUR EYES. Parasites wake up when you do and they are hungry so you want to feed them. Of course feeding them the Clear will cause them to let loose their hold and then they will die. Start by taking one capsule and increase by one a day to a maximum of five for at least ten days or until you feel you have gotten them all out. If it becomes too harsh then cut back one capsule for a day and then increase it the next day by one a day up to the maximum of five.

After you feel you have got them all out decrease back down to one a day by decreasing one a day. This is to ensure completion and to ensure all the eggs are destroyed. Keep on the Experience until the bottle is gone. You should do a maintenance program every 6 months or when you suspect you might have gotten them back somehow. You might have to ask Myra for something to keep your pH levels normal.

3. Harmony after being on the cleanse for a few days then take the Harmony as directed on the bottle. My Story for what they have done for me.