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FQ Download (Free Trial 14 Days)

System Requirements:

  • Windows 9x operating System or above.
  • Mouse Pointing Device
  • Headphones, Speakers, Wrist/Ankle Straps, Handholds or Footpads.

    Special Note - Very Important: Always use a wet cloth between any metal and your skin so as to not get a metal transference.

    Installation Instructions for the EXE File:
    Step 1.
    Step 2.
    Step 3.
          You may have to change your Firewall Settings to Install this directly from your browser. If you get a prompt to allow the program to run, please allow it or it won't install. If you're running Win 7 or above Download the file to your Downloads Folder, then go to your Downloads Folder and Right Click on the FQ-Ver_2015.exe file and Select "Run as Administrator"

          Also there have been some Compatibility issues with Win 7 and above. If it won't install properly you will have to set the Compatibility for the install file (FQ-Ver-2015.exe) to Win 98 or Win XP. You can do this by Right Mouse Clicking on the FQ-Ver-2015.exe file and selecting Properties on the Popup Menu. Then select Compatibility and set the compatibility to Win 98 or Win XP.
    Click the EXE File link below to install the FQ program or you can save it to disk (Recommended in Win 7 or above). If you save it to disk you will have to double click on the EXE file (FQ-Ver-2015.exe) to install or right mouse click and select "Run as Administrator". Click Here to Install the EXE file.

    Coming Soon: A version specifically for Win 7 and above. See Below.
    When installed the FQ program should appear on your Desktop as FQ or FQ Ver 2015.
    Refer to the FQ Manual for further instructions.

    Special Note: In Win 7 and above you will need to set your compatibility by Right Mouse Clicking on the EXE file and selecting Properties and then the Compatibility Tab. Select Windows XP Service Pack 3 and it should all work fine. Allow the install if a Firewall thing pops up. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    Screenshot of the new version for Win 7 or above

    FQ Win 7810