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Body Odor - Toxic Buildup

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      In all good health it is of the utmost importance to cleanse the body of TOXIC Elements. The way the body works is it takes in food to feed the cells where the cells expend energy and from this there is waste which must be expelled from the body. There are a few different ways the body does this.

       Through the Lymphatic System, which is made up of a series of one way valves which require movement to work. Waste is carried out of the body to various centers where it is removed and discarded and elliminated from the body in various ways such as sweating, expelling of breath and out through the colon. So the first step to good health is to help the lymphatic system and one way you can do this is to do a colon cleanse, which is actually very simple. There are a few different kinds of colon cleanses out there but there are two products that I have personally found to be very good quality. As I have used them both I can attest to their effectiveness. They are the V-200 from Pristine Botanicals and the Experience product from Awareness Corporation. See below how to acquire these products.

      Another way to help the body get rid of harmful elements is Antioxidants. Free Radicals cause damage to your body just like rust (oxidization of metal) eats away at your car, Free Radicals do it to your body. The way to neutralize Free Radicals is with Antioxidants. The most powerful antioxidant, that is to say the one that has the most antioxidants for a given volume is called Michrohydrin. It is basically a hydrogen Molecule with an extra electron, which it gives up to netralize a free radical. For more information on this product go to My RBC

      If you wish to call by phone in the USA or Canada then you will need my ID# 183912 and you can call 1-800-350-9497. For other Countries e-mail me HERE You will be able to place an order through myself and it will cost you the same except for the extra shipping costs.

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