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Body Odor and Emotional Tone

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       What is the conection between the odor your body is giving off and your emotional tone. Things I have discovered is that when you are toxic it can cause you to be feeeling blue. Get rid of the toxins, where body odor comes from, and your emotional tone will increase.

       Body Odor is a Warning Sign. It means you are toxic but how does your emotional tone come into play. Let's say you have a big loss, a friend dies, it's hard on you. When this happens your body is working hard and that means it is creating toxins as that is how the body works. It takes in food, water and air and expels waste. Your emotions can make your body work hard, put stress on it and hence body odor occurs.

How to Handle Your Body Odor!

       There are different ways to handle the toxic build up in the body. A good cleansing is always a good start. I was introduced to cleansing in 1982 when I went through a cleansing using Viatmins, Exercise and Sweating it out in a sauna. This cleansing was amazing. It raised my IQ by 21 points. Quite unbelievable but true. Since then I have discovered a few different types of cleanses. Hulda Clark's Liver Cleanse is a very good one and should be followed specifically. Then there is Oral Chelation. You can find different ones on the internet. You can also use Molasses and Baking Soda. A teaspoon of each and make it as a tea.

Prevention of Body Odor the Best Medicine

       To help prevent toxic buildup you should try to do the following and keep in mind Rome wasn't built in a day.

Do the following to rid your body of Toxic Buildup and Body Odor:

  • Exercise; movement helps your lymphatic system move toxins out of your body. Walking is a good exercise. Walk at a good speed and swing your arms. This makes the Lyphatic system work as it is made up of a series of one way vavles and it takes movement to make these work. If you can walk to work everyday.
  • Drink lots of good clean water. Most water out of the tap these days is riddled with chemicals of some kind. At least get something like a Grita Filter to clean your water a bit.
  • Get a Juicer or a pulverizer like the Nutri-Bullet and have at least one meal a day of good nutrition.

    Stay away from the following to prevent Toxic Buildup and Body Odor:

  • White or Bleached Flour
  • Refined Sugar
  • Pop with sugar.
  • Diet Pop (Have you ever lost any weight drinking this stuff?)
  • Artificial Sweetners especially if they have Aspartame. Do your own research on this. There are natural sweetners that may be good like Stevia.
  • Coffee (It's a Stimulant)
  • Sugared Chocolate. Some people can't have chocolate regardless but if you are going to have it get the kind that doesn't have sugar.
  • Drugs, no drug should be consumed for longer than 3 weeks no matter if it is medicinal or not. I don't use drugs of any kind. It's just not necessary. For diabetics try Cinnamon.
  • Chemicals of any type and that includes the chlorine in your water that you drink or wash in. Get a filter or something if you can.

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