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Alzheimer's and Dimentia

My mother suffered with Dimentia in her later years and it was a sad thing to watch.

       Alzheimer's, Dementia and Aluminum. is there a connection? I'd say "Yes". What is the anti-coagulant in regular Table Salt? I've heard it's aluminum. So the more table salt you consume the more aluminum goes into your system. Not a good thing I'd say. It is wise in any case to get Sea Salt or Celtic Salt or any other type of salt that doesn't use aluminum as an anti-coagulant. Just to be on the safe side.

      You should also get an Oral Chelation product that will help eliminate heavey metals.

     To help an alzheimer's or dimentia person, take them for a long walk. A real long walk. It is supposed to be immensely good for them. While you have them out there get them to look at the trees and the flowers and whatever objects are out there to see and you could also try our Experimental Frequency Program. See the Menu above.

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