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The Frequency Connection

      Everything is in motion. Everything is giving off a frequency and when that frequency is not harmonious to the body then it can cause harm. That is why a toxin, which is trapped in your fatty cells, can cause you harm the same as Mercury in your teeth filings can cause you harm even when it doesn't leak into the rest of your system.

      Do a test; get a piece of black cloth. A lot of black dyes are made from Lead. Take everything out of your pockets. Take your wrist watch and all of your jewelery off. Don't wear any black clothing. Have a friend help you. Extend your strongest arm out in front of you and make a fist. Get your friend to push down on your arm while you resist. Notice how strong you are. Now pick up the black cloth in your other hand and do it again to see if it weakens you. Then try all of the other items you wear on your person one at a time. Your Watch, your cell phone, your credit card. See if any of them weaken you. If they do you should maybe get a small piece of copper or an Energy Braclet and then test to see if these items prevent your being weakened. This is all because of the frequencies being given off by the items you tested.

Experimental Rife Frequency Program

My Story