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Right or Wrong - That is the Question

      I have come to the conclusion that people would rather die than be wrong. In my experience of the people I have known who have choosen to go with the Medical Profession rather than trying something unevasive and natural, and then they die, I have come to the conclusion that they have some agreement with the medical profession not in writing but only with themselves that they just can't go against the Medical Profession even to the point of being told there is no cure, we can't help you, you are going to die.

      The agreement is something like donating to cancer research, they thought it was a good thing - they agreed with it, or a hospital or something. They agreed with what they were doing at the time and if they went against the Profession, now - when they are ill, then that would make them Wrong for having supported the Medical Profession in their research and they would rather die than be wrong and so they die.

      They have been told there is no cure, and they know that people are working hard to find a cure (NOT), so they must die to be RIGHT!

      Do you know how wrong you can be about your health, DEAD WRONG! That's pretty wrong I'd say. Don't let the Medical Profession get a hold on you and make it wrong for you to live.

My Story