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Healthful Tips

Tip# DescriptionPossible Solution
1. When a person is sick and under medication they can not make a rational decision about their health. If they could they would all choose natural health. Under these circumstances other people must make some decisions for them and a lot of times they will fight tooth and nail against the person trying to help them. Just push to get the person to make some good healthy decissions regardless of what medication they are on. As they get healthier they, on their own, will discard the medication.
2. Doctors believe that Psoriasis is the over replication of cells by the body. Not necessarily so, it is the lack of the cell to be able to bind to other cells and therefore the body's inherent mechanism, I must Survive, kicks in and like sand bagging a river, the body produces more cells than required so that a person doesn't bleed to death.Vitamin C and MSM are Cell Binders. They have helped me greatly.
Blood pH

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to get your blood pH in check. In other words get it to the alkaline side of the scale around 7.2. When your Blood pH is too acidic the pathogens attack. You see when you die your body turns Acidic and the pathogens attack to decay the body but you don't want this happening when you are still alive. It's how mother nature works though. The pathogens don't stick around when you have a proper Alkaline pH level. Having a proper blood pH can do so much for a person; increased energy, detoxificatio, less pain, better skin and hair and so much more.
I had been searching for a long time for something that would raise my pH level up to where it should be and quite amazingly I found it right under my nose. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), which I had taken occasionally through out my life but not everyday as I should have been doing as one of the things it does is help the body maintain a healthy alkaline pH level. There is more information here See No. 9. I take it by making a Honey and Water mixture using hot water and then adding the ACV.
Traumatic Incidents

Traumatic Incedents in one's life can greatly affect one's health. These incidents can be anything from a fight with one's spouse to a car accident to falling off one's bicycle as a kid. Anything that upsets a person can be included. Traumatic Incidents can lower one's immune system as many nutrients are needed by the body to handle such incidents.

A solution to this is TIR (Traumatic Incedent Reduction) a communication process where the memories are uncovered and therefore reduced to where they have no affect on the idividual.

       See My Story for what they have done for me.