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Profoundly Healthy
Recommendations for using the FQ program.

When dealing with natural health we soon should learn that it is one's own responsibility to manage ones own health. It's not the "Let the doctor cure me" approach. Your health is up to you!

   1. Always have a glass of water near by to drink.
   2. Add liquid minerals, Trace Minerals, to the water. Some people recommend
       Colloidal Silver and Oxygenated Water
   3. Run sets for at least 1/2 hour or more to give the program a chance to work.
       2 and 1/2 hours is not uncommon. A good accurate duration is 60 seconds per
       frequency but if you need to run them longer you can run them multiple times.
       You can change the Run Set, to however many times you want. It's located
       to the right of the Start Sequence button.


   4. Using an amplifier inline is not necessary but it does help you to know what's
       going on. Keep the volume low and then increase it to where you feel a tingling.
       This is not written in stone but when using an amp you may notice that you
       need to keep turning the volume up in order to feel the tingling, I feel this may
       be due to killing off bacteria and so there is no more resistance and as you turn
       up the volume you go deeper. The amp should only be used with Footpads,
       Handhold's, Wrist Straps but not necessary with Headphones or Speakers.
   5. If you find a Frequency that might not be quit right, but close, use the Sweeper
       to go lower and higher than the frequency.
   6. Use the Manage Section to determine other sets that may be close to a set you
       are using. These other sets may indicate to you as to other symptoms you have
       and may give you a better understanding of what you are trying to handle.
   7. Search the internet and/or go to our List page here to find other Frequency sets        that you can add to the program. There are some sets out there where it seems
       they are all the same or similar. These may do something for you but I think
       there is probably better sets you can use.
   8. I believe it boils down to finding the right Frequencies.
   9. Leave it a bit. You don't have to run frequencies 24/7. That's why I put in the Scheduler. There was information on the internet that better results were acheived when they ran the sets every 3rd day rather than everyday. This may be so the body has a chance to recouperate. Heal itself once you have eliminated a threat. You could leap frog different sets I suppose. It's all experimental so that you can find what's best for you.