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FQ2015 - Experimental Frequency Generator Program


We need more Testimonials! Here's why.
There are many Rife Frequencies floating around the internet but which ones work?
If we have quality Testimonials with the Sets that were run then others can try them.
It will help people and that is why we need more Testimonials.
Send us your Testimonials and help some people out. Thanks!

From Some of the People Who have Experimented with the FQ Program

Sets Run: Muscle Tonic, Muscle to relax, Muscular Tystrophy, Muscular pain and injury

      Noticeable improvement .Calves relaxed,cramping reduced.Would like to try again.


Sets Run: Abscesses; Abscesses Secondary; Infections General; Foot Deformity

      My Abscess is gone, the bumps on the back of my neck have disappeared and the bump on my nose has reduced.


Sets Run: Skin Mole, Psoriasis, Fibromialgia Sets, Detox Sets

      I had 2 black spots on my legs. One on each leg. I tried various things, essential oils, Vitamins, minerals etc. but they remained. Then I found the Skin Mole Set and decided to try that along with other various skin sets like psoriasis as that is what I suffer with. I still have my psoriasis but my two black spots disappeared.

Sets Run: Bone Spurs, Arthitis

      I had a couple of things on my fingers like bone spurs. I also have arthritis. I still have the arthritis, although it does feel better, but the bone spurs are long gone.

Sets Run: Backache Sets

      It has really helped my back.......

Sets Run: Blood pressure high

      My Blood pressure has dropped.

Sets Run: Adrenal Stimulant

      I was feeling sluggish today. Just wanted to go to sleep. I ran the Adrenal Stimulant and I just woke right up. Really good as I have a lot of work to get done.

Please E-Mail us your Testimonials with the Sets you used (Not required but it will really help other people) and the results you received.
Only your intitials will be used when displaying your testimonials.