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A New Way of Doing Things

      I would like to credit the person who developed this but I have no way of knowing who that person is. I found the directions on the Curzone site but the person who submitted it doesn't want anyone to know who he is and he requests no contact so that is fine but I would like to thank him here as I have had great success with this.

       The following are instructions on making a Quartz Frequency Emitter that appears to work quit well. I am putting the directions on as he has it on the Curezone except for changing the color of the text font so as to match my webpages. I am also including pictures of the one I made which I plug into my computer speakers with a 1/8" Mono Jack. I have placed my own comments in Lime Green in the following paragraphs.

Directions on How to Build a Quartz Frequency Emitter

INFO:How to Send Frequencies Wirelessly With Quartz

How to send Rife frequencies wirelessly without a plasma device or spending thousands


Date: 7/23/2010 3:06:40 PM ( 6 y ) ... viewed 10353 times

NOTE: If you plan on using this method, make sure you gift your house's electric fuse box with Orgonite as well as the outlet that your frequency generator is connected to. The power grid is a huge source of harmful energy, and it will all go straight into the quartz crystal if you don't gift your house's electricity first! (My Comment: I use a piece of Organite near the Quartz itself. Everything Seems to be working fine but you will need to determine this for yourself.)

You can use quartz crystals to transmit frequencies through the air. The frequencies have a very wide range. You might run a frequency in your room and then hear the neighbors start sneezing profusely. It is almost frightening what you can do with this, as you can also control the weather this way, but that's a topic for another post...

This is for those who only have a frequency generator, with no plasma or subspace add-on. You do not have to spend $1000's on fancy devices. Quartz is a powerful frequency transmitter, due to its piezoelectric properties. No longer will the poor remain sick due to lack of funds. Now with a cheap quartz crystal and a $100 frequency generator from Ebay (for example), you have everything you need to experiment with Royal Rife's research.

You will need:
1) frequency generator (one that can send out pulsed DC or positive offset waves) (My Comment: I, of course, am using my FQ - Frequency Generation Program run right off of my computer connected into my speaker headphone outlet which allows me to adjust output. It appears I am getting great results as you can observe from My Log)

2) a quartz crystal. The size does not appear to matter, even a thumb-sized one is very powerful. You will need to block all light from reaching it as the light can distort the frequencies you run. Place an opaque black plastic bag over it, or a black piece of cloth.

These are pictures of the one I built

Note: The positive RED wire goes to the Quartz side.

Note: The copper wire is not quit touching the Quartz

This shows where I put the Organite

3) alligator clip wire
4) aluminum foil or copper wire (NOT stainless steel)

I use a single-terminated crystal with a flat end, that is about the size of a fist. I have had good results with facing the pointed part towards me, as well as the flat part. Both appear to work. This setup is all I have experimented with, so I can not comment on any other setups. Experiment.

Wrap the middle quartz crystal with aluminum foil or a copper wire. Do not use insulated wire. Use tape or some adhesive to keep the metal firmly in place, but be sure to leave some part of the metal exposed so you can connect it later. Do NOT use stainless steel for any reason, the magnetic property of iron in stainless steel is detrimental for our purpose.

Using an alligator clip wire, attach the RED (positive) clip to the copper wire or aluminum foil wrapped around the crystal. Leave the BLACK (negative) clip to the side, unattached. Keep stainless steel as far away from the crystal as possible! That includes the alligator clip ends of the wires you used. We used aluminum or copper for a reason - they are not magnetic!

Turn on your frequency generator and make sure the device is set to send out Pulsed DC, or use a fully positive offset. (My Comment: I just plug my Quartz Frequency Emitter into my computer speakers as they run on DC and it seems to work fine. Refer to My Log day 38 and beyond for more information on what I am doing.)

Run frequencies. Share your results. Pay attention to weather changes in your environment, as well as any nosy neighbors. Don't be stupid. People in your entire neighborhood will be affected by what you run. Don't be evil either.

NOTE: There is a side-effect to this method - some amount of DOR (Deadly Orgone) will be produced (in addition to good Orgone). So I highly recommend purchasing a cheap orgonite tower buster to place next to the quartz crystal, touching the metal part, in order to neutralize this DOR. By the way, this appears to only occur when you use pulsed DC... I do not have this problem when I use a completely negative offset (-). AC gets more complicated because you have to attach BOTH alligator clips to the metal around the quartz, and this could shortcircuit your generator. Just to be careful, only experiment with a fully positive offset, never in the middle (AC, centered at 0) or completely negative. In the F165 programming language, these would be the commands "offset 100" and "offset 0".

There is another side-effect but it's harmfulness depends on your point of view. First, let me remind readers that Orgone was named after the orgasm. Applying a positive offset pulsed electrical charge to a quartz crystal this way appears to make everyone around you, including you, sexually aroused... But this is a topic I will explore in another entry.

      I would also like to make a special note here of a video that got me inspired to do this by a Dr. Tent. Be aware that this is an explosive video and is not for the faint of heart Click Here