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FQ Ver. 2015 - Experimental Frequency Generator Program

Includes over 1400 Experimental Rife Frequency Sets

Six different Levels available with the Introductory Novice Level starting at only $39.95 - Now who can't Afford That?!
Hey, I just can't go any cheaper!

Screen Shot of the Main Form

I have observed that this page has been accessed by a lot of people on Smart Phones. You should come back and view these pages on a Desktop or Laptop Windows based computer for proper viewing and downloading but if you are here now, take a good look around and we'll look forward to seeing you back.

View the Manual for more information on the features the FQ program has.

Click Here to View the INSTRUCTION MANUAL

We need more Testimonials! Here's why.
There are many Rife Frequencies floating around the internet but which ones work?
If we have quality Testimonials with the Sets that were run then others can try them.
It will help people and that is why we need more Testimonials.
See Testimonials Here

If you want to better understand frequencies go Here

Go To Foot Pad Instructions

How the FQ Program Came Into Being

      It started out of necessity. Because of my health problems, More on that here., I have spent thousands of dollars on health products, some good, some not effective and some amazingly good, I had to do something before I was destitute. Through my research I first came in contact with Hulda Clark's technology and I made a few of her Zappers and I noticed that they made me and other people feel better and even got rid of some people's colds etc.

      From there, searching on the internet I came across Royal Raymond Rife information that I found fascinating. Having learned how to program I decided to look to see if I could build something that I could produce frequencies. So I started searching and I found some code that would help. So this was the beginning and the first thing I did was run bone spur frequencies. I was only experimenting as I had some bone spur type things on my fingers. One was really weird as it moved as if on a tendon or something. I was only experimenting so I never really even thought that it might do something but it firstly changed the bone spurs so I decided to keep at it. It really didn't take that long and those bone spurs were gone. I found this quite amazing.

      On around page 283 of Hulda Clark's book "The Cure for all Diseases" she states that there is one thing or one disease that she has had no luck with and that is Psoriasis and of course that is what I have.

Initial Summary

      In the 20's and 30's Royal Raymond Rife discovered that he could erradicate viruses and parasites, which are the basis to all disease as discussed in Hulda Clark's Books (See Below). He did this using frequencies.

About Royal Raymond Rife

      In this day and age, with the advent of Computers, it is a lot easier to produce Frequencies. Every new computer comes with a sound card so that you can play your favorite music. This same sound card can produce frequencies like what Royal Raymond Rife used to eradicate viruses. Now of course there are the Naysayers, a lot of them probably hired by the drug industry as any cure would cut into their huge profits. Hey, it's all about the money isn't it and big money has clout and that is why Royal Raymond Rife died not wealthy. Do you really think they want to find a cure when not finding one is so much more profitable.

      A lot of you may be skeptical and that's okay as long as you open your mind to the possibility that what Royal Raymond Rife was doing might actually work. He first developed a Microscope that made it possible for him to see the small micro organisms and to see that when he applied certain Frequencies that they shattered these organisms just like a singer, hitting a certain frequency, can shatter glass.

      The FQ Program merely produces frequencies but it does it in an organized fashion so that it makes it a whole lot simpler and easier for you. No more having to enter one frequency at a time. You enter them into sets (Over 1400 already entered) and then just select the set or sets and run them. The picture above shows different sets and the frequencies associated to a set. You just have to click the Start Button to run the set or sets if you multi-select.

Now of course you'd want to try before you buy, being skeptical and all, so that is why we have a Free Trial so you can experiment and see if it makes you feel better. There is a lot of information on the internet that can help in your quest for better health. Here are some Recommendations for Using the FQ Program.

Click here to Download.

Thank you for Downloading and using the FQ program!

Hulda's Books

The Cure for all Diseases

The Cure for all Cancers

      Here is a link to a very important video. Be aware that it may be disturbing to you: War on Health

      Once you have listened to this you might want to read the book Inferno by famous author Dan Brown, the author of the Da Vinci Code. I'll let you draw your own conclusions.

      The FQ Ver. 2015 program is a Frequency Generation Program for your computer which uses your computer sound card to produce frequencies. You can build sets of frequencies to be run. We make no claims as to the effectiveness of these frequencies as that would not be legal. The frequencies that are contained in the database are merely sets of frequencies obtained from the internet and in the Advanced Versions of the program the user is able to add sets or individual frequencies to the database at their own discretion. What ever results you may or may not experience is purely coincidental but if you do experience some good results, which I and others have, then that is great and I for one will be very happy for you.

      As I built the program originally for my own use, when I went to make it for other people I wanted to make it Affordable because I know how expensive it can be to keep one's own self healthy and then there is also keeping one's family healthy.

      If you went and purchased everything you needed, as per the people selling it, it could easily cost you well over $1,200.00 or more per month. Does that mean that only the rich deserve to be healthy? I think not.

      What I did was I made different Levels so that it could be affordable for everyone with more features on the upper levels. The introductory level, entitled Novice is only $39.95. Now who can't afford that? And then, at a later time you can upgrade to the next level and so on, so that you don't have to purchase it all at once.

      Now, some of you may think "How can this do anything when it costs so little?". Maybe the technology doesn't have to be so complex. It may be as simple as a bacterium having a certain frequency and when an outside frequency meets the bacterium frequency it shatters it. It may be that simple as in using the FQ program I have obtained some miraculous results. See the Testimonials Here. It's like why make things so complicated? Try it, experiment with it, and benefit from the results. At these prices; How can you afford not to?

      The Novice Level, as far as producing the Frequencies, does everything the Full Advanced Level does. That is the same throughout every level and is only dependent on your computer and if your computer can play music then it can produce Frequencies.

      The program has built into it a Frequency checker that, using a Chromatic Guitar Tuner, you can see how accurate your computer is producing frequencies. You must know someone who plays guitar. Get them to bring their tuner over and test it or you could pick one up at your local music shop.

      So Is there anything holding you back from Downloading and Trying the program for FREE? That's right, it's free for the first 14 days and you can get a lot done in two weeks. You could make a set of hand holds with an 1/8" mono plug, some wire, two alligator clips and two copper pipe for the hand holds. Be sure and use a wet cloth between the pipes and your hands or feet. White cotton is the best.

Recommendation: When using the FQ program it is very wise to drink plenty of water and take your Vitamins and, especially, Minerals.

      FQ now comes with the Sweeper in the Upper Levels. You can Sequence Frequencies by entering a frequency, on the lower end of what you want, incrementing it by whatever you want, and entering how many frequencies you want to run.

      For instance you can enter a frequency of 100, increment it by 0.1 and enter 100 frequencies and a duration of 5 Seconds then click the Calculate Button. This will take you 8.3 minutes to run. If you wanted a 1000 frequencies it will take you 83.3 minutes to run.

Some Features in FQ

  • Use either Headphones, Speakers, Footpads, Handholds, Wrist Straps (Ankle Straps) right from your own computer soundcard.

  • Create your own sets.
  • Add sets at any time you want.
  • Set Durations of Each Individual Frequency.
  • Create Categories, in the Standard and above Levels,
       for easier access to your favorite sets.
  • Free Additional Help Sets in at least 10 different categories which include:

  • 1. Body Odor Help
    2. Diabetes Help
    3. Fatigue Help
    4. Heavy Metal Help
    5. Pain Help
    6. RNA DNA Help
    7. Skin Help
    8. Sleep Help
    9. Vision Help
    10. Weight Loss Help.

    At the Advanced Levels you can do even more

  • Easily Add Sets of Frequencies by copying and pasting whole sets into the program. The program Automatically separates the frequencies when separated by commas, which most of them are.
  • The Ability to save Sessions and recall those sessions to run them again and to keep a log of results.
  • Schedule when to run the Frequency Sets again. Every 3 days is a good practise
  • The Ability to Compare Sets to see similarities in other sets and the ability to combine these sets together in a new set. This also allows you to see similar patterns in other sets.
  • The Ability to Run Sequences as in what is known as a Sweep. See Above.

  • Possible Features for the Future

  • The ability to send in suggestions of Features that you would like to see in the program.
  • The Ability to Share Sets, you have gotten good results with, with Friends and others who have the FQ Program.
  • And whatever else I can think of to help people get healthier.

    So..., can you afford NOT to try this program?


    So..., Do you have Doubts that the FQ program can do something positive for you? Well that's okay to have doubts as you won't know until you try it. So, try it. The first 14 days are FREE. That's true, you get a 14 day free trial when you download and install the program.
    Click here to Download. It's that simple.

          Below is another Screen Shot of the Main Form showing a few options in the introductory Levels. It also shows a Diabetes Help Category. There are TEN free Categories with a few sets in each for the introductory versions no matter which one you purchase. I wanted this to be an affordable program for people, no matter how much work I have put into it, as I know how much it can cost to try to be healthy. I've had amazing results from this program. It is worth a Free Try.  Download FQ here - 14 Day Free Trial (Zip File)

          I built this program first of all to help myself and to help my pocket book as I had spent countless dollars on health products to try and combat my health problems after working in chemicals. I also couldn't afford the expensive frequency units out there so as I was a programmer I figure why can't I produce these frequencies and send them to the computer soundcard. So I set to work and came up with the FQ program.

          Then I started using it on myself and started to experience good results. I can't tell you much about that as they, the powers that be, have made it illegal for me to do so. As I was getting resulted my friends wanted to try it and that's when I really got amazing results.

          It is an experimental program but I think that is the fun in it. You get to experience it and then tell people about it so that they too can experience good things.


          Below is another Screen Shot of the Main Form showing a few options in the introductory Levels. It also shows a Diabetes Help Category. There are TEN free Categories with a few sets in each for the Introductory Levels no matter which one you purchase. I wanted this to be an affordable program for people, no matter how much work I have put into it, as I know how much it can cost to try to be healthy. I've had amazing results from this program. It is worth a Free Try.  Download FQ here - 14 Day Free Trial (Zip File)

    Have Fun and Enjoy the Program! May it Help you in Many Ways!

    System Requirements:

  • Windows 9x operating System or above.
  • Mouse Pointing Device
  • Headphones, Speakers, Wrist straps, Handholds or Footpads.

    Special Note - Very Important: Always use a wet cloth between any metal and your skin so as to not get a metal transference.

    Installation Instructions for the EXE File:
    Step 1.
    Step 2.
    Step 3.
    You may have to change your Firewall Settings to Install this directly from your browser. If you get a prompt to allow the program to run, please allow it or it won't install. Also there have been some Compatibility issues with Win 7 and above. If it won't install properly you will have to set the Compatibility for the install file (FQ-Ver-2015.exe) to Win 98 or Win XP. You can do this by Right Mouse Clicking on the FQ-Ver-2015.exe file and selecting Properties on the Popup Menu. Then select Compatibility and set the compatibility to Win 98 or Win XP.
    Click the EXE File link below to install the FQ program or you can save it to disk. If you save it to disk you will have to double click on the EXE file (FQ-Ver-2015.exe) to install. If it won't install try saving it and if still no success you will have to use the zipped file. Click Here to Install the EXE file. (Recommended Installation)

    Click Here for Zipped File
    When installed the FQ program should appear on your Desktop as FQ-EFP (EFP refers to Experimental Frequency Program).
    Refer to the FQ Manual for further instructions.

    Special Note: I have found that in Win 7 and above, when you install the FQ program, there may be some files that you will be prompted to keep. This is fine to keep any files that are already on your computer but if the FQ program doesn't start then you may have to re-install and overwrite some of these files.

    You may have problems with Win 7 and above to get it setup but once you do it should run fine. It will be well worth it and I will be looking to refine it and make it better.

    There are Six Levels of the FQ program as well as a Free Trial that will last for 14 days.

    Free Trial - This gives the user full access to the program with full functionality except for the Advanced Plus Level as it isn't quit complete yet. This free trial is limited to a 14 day Trial Period so that you may evaluate the program. The Free Trial allows you to view all sets and therefore be able to figure out which sets you may want for your Novice or Standard Levels.

    1. Novice Level - This is limited to 80 Sets of frequencies that the user selects at his/her own discretion from the original database of over 1300 sets.

    2. Novice Plus Level - This is limited to 120 Sets of frequencies that the user selects at his/her own discretion from the original database of over 1300 sets. When using the Free Trial the user can find sets that they may want and then add them for when they purchase the program.

    3. Standard Level - This is limited to a 180 Sets of frequencies that the user can select from the original database of over 1200 sets. It does not allow the user to add any further sets but it does allow the user to save sets to groups for easy access.

    4. Standard Plus Level - This is limited to a 360 Sets of frequencies that the user can select from the original database of over 1200 sets. It does not allow the user to add any further sets but it does allow the user to save sets to groups for easy access as well as access to the Sequencer, which allows the user to run every frequency available in Sequence. For example you can start at 0.01 and Sequence it with increments of 0.01 and run as many frequencies as you so desire. This is helpful to determine which ones may or may not work for the user. Then you can Search the Sets in a range of frequencies to determine what sets have those frequencies

    5. Advanced Level - $159.95 - Reduced to $139.95 for a limited time introductory offer. This allows all features of the Standard Level as well as the ability to Add as many sets of frequencies as you so desire. Not limited to the original of over 1300 Sets. These frequency sets can be found in various places on the internet. This Level has features which make it easy to enter these sets in by copying and pasting the information.

    6. Advanced Plus Level - Not Yet Determined Not Available yet but this Level will have all the features of the Advanced Level plus additional features not as yet totally established. This Level is intended for people who wish to do experimental sets for other people. NO Claims can be made! This is merely experimental and any benefits are purely coincidental. It will have a full tracking capabilities of the people and what the program is doing for them. We can't tell you more at this time.

          The accuracy of these frequencies may depend on the quality of your soundcard.

           The FQ2015 program is probably the most Inexpensive Frequency Generator you can purchase as it uses your own Computer Sound Card to Generate Rife Frequency Sets. No sense having an expensive unit when your computer can do the job.

          There are over 1200 Rife frequency sets in the database which is included with the program. The user, in the Advanced User Section, can also add their own sets as there are many sets that you can find on the internet.

    Here is a comparison chart of some of the features available in the different Levels of the Experimental FQ2015 Frequency Generator Program:

    Feature Free Trial Novice Novice Plus Standard Standard Plus Advanced Advanced Plus
    Limited to 14 Days Usage Only YES NO NO NO NO NO NO
    Limited to a Set Number of Freq. Sets NO YES YES YES YES NO NO
    Run over 1300 Frequency Sets YES NO NO NO NO YES YES
    Build or Add Unlimited Frequency Sets YES NO NO NO NO YES YES
    Create and Add a limited number of Frequency Sets YES YES YES YES YES YES Unlimited YES Unlimited
    Run Multiple Sets together YES YES YES YES YES YES YES
    Use with Footpads, Hand Holds, Speakers or Headphones YES YES YES YES YES YES YES
    Add Categories to Group Sets together for easy Access YES NO NO YES YES YES YES
    Can be used with an amplifier (Not Supplied) to enhance results YES YES YES YES YES YES YES
    Save Sessions so they can be run again when they have provided good results YES NO NO YES YES YES YES
    Add comments to a Log to keep track of results YES NO NO YES YES YES YES
    Set Sample Rate YES NO NO YES YES YES YES
    Configure Sample Rate Timing YES NO NO YES YES YES YES
    Feature Free Trial Novice Novice Plus Standard Standard Plus Advanced Advanced Plus

    Screen Shot of the Main Form


    Purchase Here

    I owe a lot to Hulda Clark.
    Her book "The Cure for all Diseases"
    started me onto Frequencies
    Below are links to her books in PDF.

    Hulda Clark Books in PDF

    The Cure for all Diseases

    The Cure for all Cancers