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"There are Many Symptoms but only a Few Causes"

"When It Comes to Your Health, We Are Here to Help"

3 Basics to Better Health

       On The Road to Better Health you will run into many potholes. I just hope they are not going to be too big for you to handle, as the only way to better health is the way through. There are no detours, there is no way around it. It may be a long Road but just remember, it has taken your whole lifetime to get you in the health situation you are in and it's not going to be an overnight trek to get you back to where you should be.

       There are many symptoms, which the Medical Profession takes pride in trying to treat, but there are only a few causes. If every morning, as you are driving to work, a man goes through a stop sign and hits you, and you go and get your car fixed but every morning he still goes through the stop sign and hits you. Do you just keep getting your car fixed or do you teach the man he's supposed to stop at the stop sign? You must handle the cause not just the symptom. And yes you must fix your car but if you handle the cause you won't have to fix it again and again and again. Also, when you have to fix it too many times it can become irreparable. The amazing thing about the body is, when you handle the cause the body easily handles the symptom, with just a little of the right nourishment.

There are basically Three Reasons or Causes to all diseases and they are:

1. What you put in your body or what gets into your body, through absorption, breathing, non-nutritional food, contaminated water, harmful drugs (medicinal or otherwise) etc., including pollutants and pathogens (parasites, harmful bacteria etc.). Essentially all things that create toxins or are toxic (Free Radicals).

2. How well you expel waste from your body including the normal waste that your body produces when it absorbs nutrients and gives off energy in it's daily functions as well as pollutants and pathogens (parasites, harmful bacteria etc. See the sections on parasites and pathogens for further information.)

3. Emotional upset, losses, disagreements with people etc., which may have started the whole thing in the first place.

       Special Note: A lot of people will say "What about Heredity?" Well if you weren't born with it then something must have happened between the time you were born and the time when you contracted the ailment in order for it to occur. I will say though that you may inherit a weakness that when you are susceptible to an outside influence then you get a symptom.

       All three of these are interrelated. Let's take a common cold for instance: You have an emotional upset. This causes stress on your body which lowers your immune system which makes you susceptible to the cold virus. If you had been taking good nutrition, at the time, and had been detoxified, it is possible your immune system would have been strong enough to handle the stress and would not have been lowered to a point where you where susceptible. On the other hand if there was no cold virus around to ingest you wouldn't have caught a cold either.

       Once you are putting the proper things into your body, which include your food, the water you drink, the water you bathe in, the cosmetics you use on your skin and the air you breath, then you must also expel the waste properly or your system gets clogged up with toxins which greatly contribute to an acidic state where pathogens love to congregate. Imagine if you tried to run your car with a clogged exhaust pipe. Your car wouldn't run very well and neither will your body.

       In my search for products, to help me with my health problems, I have discovered some products that have changed my life. The products I have discovered will get you much healthier if you give them the chance. Take them for six months and I guarantee you will be a changed person and all for the better. How will these products I'm going to tell you about benefit you even if you don't have a severe health problem? This is an easy question to answer.

  • They will Strengthen your immune system and help prevent sickness.
  • They will keep you looking youthful longer and protect you against harmful Free Radicals the destroyers of good health.
  • Give you increased energy and stamina.
  • Help prevent depression by riding your body of harmful toxins.
  • Make you feel more alive and happy.
  • Help make the stress in your life seem trivial.
  • And Many other things too numerous to mention.
  • Also, if you have any Major Disease you never can tell what they might do for you but I do know it will all be good.
       So don't waste time your good health depends on it! To obtain information on these products please fill in you name and e-mail address and submit. This information will not be sold or given out to any third parties! Please don't submit if you are not interested in being healthy.

"Without Good Health You Have NOTHING!!!"

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